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The Orphan Kitten Club

The Orphan Kitten Club is teaming up with Planned PEThood of Georgia to save the lives of kittens across Georgia. The mission of the Orphan Kitten Club is to protect the tiniest and most vulnerable felines. They are dedicated to advancing protections for kittens through our innovative programs and their state-of-the-art neonatal kitten nursery. 

Become a FosterWe are honored to be one of only a few organizations selected nationally to join their club in 2020. Last year, with the help of our foster homes and supporters, we saved the lives of 399 kittens under 8 weeks old. That means 40% of the animals we rescued last year were kittens under two months old! 

There are a few of reasons that Planned PEThood has such a high rescue rate for young kittens.

1. Planned Pethood manages the veterinary services contract at Gwinnett County Animal Welfare (the county’s animal shelter). Because of this, our team members are inside the county shelter and see the orphaned kittens brought in that will not survive without bottle feeding and a heat source.

2. Our Community Cats program, which helps to alter 2,000 community cats each year, works to prevent over population and outdoor births, but the fact is we find and rescue momma cats and kittens often from outside. 

Because of our commitment to help young kittens, the Orphan Kitten Club which was founded by Kitten Lady, has awarded Planned PEThood an $11,000 #MightyCat Grant to help save the lives of even more kittens in 2021. With this grant we will be able to purchase two kitten incubators, a set of cages for our rescue area, and kitten supply kits for new foster parents.  We look forward to sharing our progress on our kitten rescue expansion with you soon! 


Panda was more as a premature kitten. We did not think he would survive, but against all odds he made it. This donation will give even more kittens like Panda a fighting chance at life.