Keep the Mama, Not the Drama!

Earlier this year, a family reached out to Planned PEThood for help. They needed assistance with their kitties, Pumpkin and Reesee. Reesee had an accidental pregnancy and the family did not know what to do. They loved their animals so they wanted to do whatever they could to keep their kitties healthy and safe, but finances were tight. 

Thanks to our Keep the Mama, Not the Drama Program, sponsored by Orphan Kitten Club, we were able to get both pets fixed and take their two baby kittens, Jamie and Claire, into our rescue program.

The goal of this program is to help struggling pet owners with accidental litters keep their cats while we spay, vet them, and find homes for their babies. This ends the cycle, saves lives, and prevents future unwanted litters.

Their family is so grateful that we were able to find loving, forever homes for the kittens, plus they do not have to worry about their pet’s health anymore! No more babies! Yay!

Jamie and Claire found their forever homes quickly. Just look at their faces, how could they not! Sweet Claire was adopted at one of our Pet Supermarket adoption events and Jamie was adopted at one of our Petco adoption events.

If you or someone you know needs help from this program learn more or apply here. 

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Kittens Stuck In Drain……AGAIN!

Our Feral Cat Manager, Amy, is at it again, rescuing kittens from storm drains. But this time, it was a bit tricker. 

A kind lady reached out to Amy asking for help. She had found a kitten laying in her backyard, asleep in a nice sunny spot. While this kitten was safe, another was in trouble. The lady heard the cries of another kitten coming from a storm drain. The kitten had somehow stumbled into the storm drain with no way to get out. Amy searched for the mama, but she was nowhere to be seen. 

With the kitten stuck down there and no way to get into the storm drain, Amy had to get creative to help the kitty out. Thankfully, with her quick thinking, Amy was able to put together a net using rope, a lingerie washing bag, and some metal wiring to catch the kitten. Amy had to meow to the kitty to get her to move toward the net. After several minutes of meowing, the kitten finally crawled her way into the net and Amy was able to lift the kitten to safety. 

After rescuing these kittens, we brought them into our foster program, hoping to find a foster who had the knowledge and skill to bottle feed these 2-week-old babies. One of our amazing, long-time fosters, Zarya, stepped up and took them home. Now, several weeks later, these kittens are living happy and healthy lives at their foster home. Once they are big enough, they will be microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered, before becoming available for adoption and starting their journey to find their forever homes. 

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Hello… Are you There?

Psst… hello… do you see me? Pay attention to me! Aren’t I cute? Wouldn’t I make a great addition to your family?

My name is Leonardo and I was found in a ditch behind my foster home’s house with my siblings as a little baby. Thanks to my foster home and Planned PEThood of Georgia I am safe and healthy, ready for adoption, but not every animal is as lucky as me. 

There are hundreds of other animals waiting in local shelters that need help, like I did. I did some research, and there are some very simple ways you can help homeless animals in Georgia! Do you want to hear about them?


1. Become a foster home. If you have a spare bathroom to share with some kitties you could become a short-term foster parent, and become the first step on the road to adoption for animals in need. Foster homes for cats and dogs are needed for as little as two weeks, or longer if you’re able. Email with questions.

2. Adopt a pet, or two. Until September 30th adoption fees for our cats are 50% off the normal rates. Browse cats available for adoption and submit an application NOW! (Kittens always go better in pairs!) 

3. Support our efforts. There are many ways you can get involved without adopting or fostering an animal. You can donate needed supplies on our Amazon Wish List, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or volunteer your time. 

4. Save the date. Join thousands of fellow Georgia nonprofits – and organizations worldwide – coming together for our state’s next annual day of generosity: Tuesday, December 3, 2019 is Georgia Gives Day. View our profile, mark the date on your calendar, and help us raise $25,000 between Nov. 1 and Dec. 3. If you think your business may be interested in sponsoring a matching gift challenge for GA Gives Day please e-mail us

5. Give the gift of life with a donation. Contributions in any amount help us in our mission to save lives through creative and innovative solutions like our working cat program, low-cost spay/neuter clinic, vaccination clinics and our newest spay/neuter and rescue transport program, Go Fix Georgia

So, what do you think about these ideas? Simple, huh? Which one of these can you do to help the organization that helped me so much? 

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