I need to find a new home for my pet. Will you take it?

Planned PEThood of Georgia does rescue and place homeless animals, however we pull animals in grave need directly from animal control agencies. Before reaching out to shelters please make every attempt to find a new home for the animal through friends, family, social media, church, and other creative outlets. If you are looking to place your personal pet with a rescue program please reach out to the following Atlanta area no-kill shelters.

No Kill Shelters & Rescues

To find more shelter and rescue options, you can visit either www.petfinder.com or www.spotsociety.org to find ones based on how far away they are from you. Please leave messages. If you are able to foster the animal for any amount of time or make a financial donation towards their care, please mention that as well!

I found orphaned kittens what should I do?

Fight your instinct to pick up the kittens and care for them, at first. If they are safe, leave the kittens alone. Keep an eye on them from a distance. Mom most likely is coming back to get her kittens. They may have fallen when she was moving to a new  location, or she heard you coming and is hiding. Do not touch, especially if they are newborns.  If they are in an unsafe place, move them or put them in a box not far from where they were found, put out some food for mom, and watch for a distance. If mom is not back in a few hours, then it is time to try to care for them on your own. Call your local shelter or rescue group to see if they can offer guidance or assistance. Here is a great article on caring for orphaned kittens.

I found an animal what should I do?

If the animal seems to be healthy, we suggest you bring it to your closest clinic to be scanned for a microchip. You are welcome to come to our clinic during business hours and we can help scan for a chip at no charge. If the animal is not chipped, and unable to be reunited with the owner the next step is to bring it to your county shelter. If the animal is lost the county shelter is the first place an owner will go to look for their pet. Additionally, we suggest you post the found pet on www.helpinglostpets.com and checking the NextDoor App in the area the animal was found if possible. If you choose not to bring the animal to the shelter, please ensure every effort is made to find the original owner. Accidents happen and animals can wander miles from home. The pet may have a family desperately searching for this animal.