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Rare Medical Case: 1 in 55,000 Animals

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.
Last month a puppy visited our clinic from Newton County Animal Control. Our Go Fix Georgia program makes it possible for all Newton County pets to be altered before they go to their new homes. In this case, this sweet puppy named Merle came with a very rare medical condition. He had a scrotal hernia, which is so rare that most vets will never see one in general practice. In fact, this is the first one we have seen in over 55,000 surgeries. (Note: Click on the links to see the before and after images.)
We all knew going into this surgery that this type of hernia repair often requires followup, since closing a hernia in this area can result in development of a new hernia  Merle’s new mom was advised to keep an eye out for abnormal swelling after surgery. Sure enough, things started to not look quite right, and she brought him to an emergency clinic. Merle needed a second surgery –  more than an hour away from our clinic, on the weekend.   
Planned PEThood worked with the ER vet to ensure Merle got the surgery he needed at a cost of $800. We didn’t have $800 to spare. We weren’t obligated to pay this ER bill. But Merle’s new family couldn’t afford this unexpected cost, and we could not bear to think of the consequences if we didn’t help.
Merle’s second surgery went well and he is back with his new family – a healthy, bouncy puppy who has no idea of the danger he was in.
Things could have ended very differently for Merle. We were happy to help him, but the $800 we spent was not in our budget.
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