Below is a collection of memorial and tribute notes. Honoring or memorializing a friend, family member, or pet with a contribution can leave a lasting legacy. Often it provides comfort knowing that their memory or passion lives on helping animals in need.

MAY 2020

In memory of Stumpy – Hope U. 

In honor of my friend, Kelly Daigle – James M.

Dear Jamie, To celebrate your graduation and in memory of Jordan and Buttercup, Ms Elana has sponsored the adoption fee for our special needs cat Millie – Elana Nolte

In memory of Thomas McCauley – Mari Wall

To honor Judy this Mother’s Day I am donating to Planned PEThood. I know this charity is special to her heart. – Love, Sid and Frances

Thank you for all the great work you do Planned Pethood of GA! I am completely in love with my adopted kitty, Sony (fka Barnum)! In honor of Brigitte Collins, a great foster mommy. – Candi C.

In honor of Midnight and Shelby – Teri C.

In honor of my mother, Alice Monroe – Ellen M.

In honor of Cynthia Matar. I made a donation on your behalf for all of the Odies and Bears in Georgia. Love you! – John M.

In honor of my sister, Leslie. For all the caring things you do for animals. – Maritta A.

In honor of my sister Sheree – Kathy B.

In memory of Auntie Pearl – Jennifer L.

In memory of Punkin, my fur baby – Lillian A.

In memory of Mayflower, my medical foster kitty. – Corliss R.

In memory of Mamma Paw, a feral mommy kitty. – Cheryl M.

In memory of my sister Dee Dee. – Roberta K.

In honor of my friend Bridget Atkins – Diane W.

In memory of Pouncer – Chien C.

In memory of Sydney and Yoda – Chamise C.

In memory of Hector (CARL Kitty) – Emily C.

This is for all of my furbabies who have crosses the rainbow bridge. Thank you Planned PEThood for helping all the other furbabies 🙂 – Jai S.

In memory of Mitch – Cyndi R.

In honor and memory of a good friend, Ginger Krohn (A victim of COVID-19) – Cheri L.

APRIL 2020

In honor of Pyewacket, our favorite shop kitty – Brenda Johnson

In honor of our PPOG rescue cat, Charlie – Alison P.

In honor of our two wonderful dogs that came from this organization. – Samantha K.

This donation is in memory of Agnes McCarthy. Lover of all dogs! Living and fake! – Christina H. 

In memory of Tucker Chancy, our beloved boxer. The most wonderful wiggle-butt boxer. – Jennifer C.

In memory of my best friends, Chico and Cleveland. – Lydia W.

In memory of Ellen Hamby. A wonderful supporter and friend to the animals. Rest in peace.

In honor of Ziva’s 9th birthday. Al cuz of you! – Susan C.

To honor my very recently passed Miss Mystic. Please use towards helping Feral Cats. Mystic’s Mother was a feral cat. – Nancy S.

In memory of Amelia. – Lisa N.

In memory of a loving husband, Grady Starnes – Ann S.

In memory of a precious kitty, Punkin Pi – Nancy W.

In honor of Susan N. This is to honor you and your commitment to cats and dogs everywhere, especially those who need help. – The HRC Team

In honor of Charlie, our PPOG rescue cat. – Alison P.

MARCH 2020

So proud of my girl for always choosing to help. In honor of Sara W. – Ann W.

In memory of my old dog, Shelby – Joseph K.

In memory of Gus and George, beloved cats. – Denise S.

In memory of J.J. A sweet feral kitty that I loved and cared for but was run over last march. I still have her sister though and I love her very much. – Sharon P.

In honor of Nova – Narges J.

In memory of Janet Leonard – Rhonda M.

In memory of my sister Jennifer T. – Ervin B.

In memory of Gail Akers Thompson – Kay & Ed S.

In loving memory of Marjorie Kossler – Mark and Jason D.

In memory of my beloved cats, Smokey and Capser – Ramona and Bill L.

In honor of Denise P. – Diana P.

In honor of my friend Charlotte Sadler. Thank you for taking in and providing food and shelter for so many homeless and/or feral cats. – Jill K.

In memory of Willow and Badge – Derek D.

In memory of Mary Phillips, my better half forever. – Andrew B.

In honor of Idalia and Martin Ortiz – Rubi O.

In memory of Biscuit, Planned PEThood’s lobby cat – Martin T.

In memory of Dolly, our calico cat 2008-2019. – Martin T.

In honor of all dogs, who are living proof of God’s unconditional love for human-kind. In honor of my first dog ever, Malia. – Evelyn A.

In memory of Diesel Dingo – Ivonne M.

In memory of Lydia, my granddog – Sue T.

In memory of Lucy and Dixie – Lauren F.

In memory of Jane Chatelain – Ashley R.

In memory of LCPL. Sean M. McCusker – Greg M.

In memory of James Murray – Tish M.

In honor of Barbara Collins – Deborah B.

In honor of Geri Miller. To honor someone who lives and breathes rescue along with her whole family. – Ellen L.

In memory of my dog Lillian – Pamela L.

In memory of Patsi Fetch, a friend. – Cari & Thomas S.

In honor of Jenny – Linda K.

In memory of Robert Cole – Mary G.

In memory of my cat Scooby – Gail B.

In honor of Jack the Golden Retriever – James L.


In memory of the beautiful Gnocci Yoke – Alison P.