Below is a collection of memorial and tribute notes. Honoring or memorializing a friend, family member, or pet with a contribution can leave a lasting legacy. Often it provides comfort knowing that their memory or passion lives on helping animals in need.


In memory of Lisa Hopper, a wonderful volunteer and friend of Planned PEThood.

In memory of LISA HOPPER, a dear friend to all, including Planned PEThood, Lisa–you were one in a million! – Sandy E.

In memory of Midnight the cat – Kimberly W.

In memory of Lisa Hopper, high school classmate – Janet O.

In memory of Lisa Hopper – Lori H.

In memory of Lisa Hopper – Jason B.


In honor of my beloved Lil Bit – Rae Ellen W.

In memory of Kelly Alder – Sara R.

In memory of my Kitty, Taz – Cheryl M.

In honor of Tux Kitty – Holli B.

In honor of Bubbles – Kelly L.

In honor of my father, John O’Connor – Kathryn E.

In honor of my old dog Shelby – Joseph K.

In memory of my mother Marilyn – Audrey H.

In honor of my friend Jeani Wampler – Susan M.

In honor of my daughter Morgan H. for her kind heart – Susan M.

In honor of my sister, Sharron Miles – Linda D.

To my wonderful Aunt Sherry who does so much for the kittens. Sherry Miles is a true Saint! – Kim S.

In memory of Kiki, for Amelia – Paul D.

In memory of Snowball – Lisa L.

In memory of Kelly Alder – Sara R.

JULY 2020

In memory of my mother Jackie Mayson – Lisa M.

 In memory of Rheba Smith, cat lover and rescuer. – Edna M.

In memory of Jim Wiley – Alice and Michael H.

In memory of my late sweet baby boy Gizmo’s birthday today, and in honor of my current baby Ozzy (a PPOG adoptee – prev. known as “Snicker”). – Lindsey H.

In honor of Elsa. A three legged angel we adopted from you 3 years ago. – Susan F.

In remembrance of my friend Sharon’s brother Scott Taylor. The world is a better place because he lived. – Elana N.

JUNE 2020

This donation is to honor Trace Sutton on Father’s Day. He’s an important part of my life and loves helping animals. Happy Father’s Day, Love Nathan

In memory of Regina. Rest in Peace – Love Everyone at PPOG

In memory of Midnight, my childhood cat – Kevin Light

In honor of all the volunteers and workers at Planned PEThood – Susan N.

In honor and memory of Ellen. “Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.” – Lee Hopkins

In memory of Ginger Krohn, a good friend (COVID-19 Victim) – Cheri L.

In honor of Amara (Mari) – Cassie Y. C.

In memory and honor of our dear fur baby, Lucy – Trace S.

In memory of Patches. You were a good boy! – Miller Family

In memory of Thomas McCauley a donation was made to help Regina – Mary M.

A donation was made in memory of Smokey & Casper to help Regina – Ramona and Bill L.

A donation for Regina in memory of Harley & Duey, Fur babies over the rainbow 🌈- Shelley Garland- M.

In memory of my mom, Wilva Rogets – Teri R.

In memory of Boo, for Regina – Lauren F.

In memory of Mitzi – Cheryl N.

In memory of Apollo – Melissa B.

In memory of Phineas, for Regina – Melissa S.

In memory of Snuffy, my sweet adoptee who passed – Sherry Von K.

MAY 2020

In memory of a dear friend, Ellen Hamburg – Nada Shiflett Cox

In memory of Banjo – Keven and Amy D.

In honor of Andrea Weir and Sarge for the Dumpster Dive Kittens. – Teresa B. Duncan

In memory of Ulrike Wilson. An avid animal lover, foster mom, and supporter. – Planned PEThood Team

Dear Anna, To celebrate your graduation and to honor your pocket panther Lil, Ms. Elana has sponsored the adoption fee for our foster Butterfly.

In memory of Ellen, a very special person and friend to animals. – Scott F.

In memory of Ellen Hamby – Ed L.

In memory of Stumpy – Hope U. 

Dear Jamie, To celebrate your graduation and in memory of Jordan and Buttercup, Ms Elana has sponsored the adoption fee for our special needs cat Millie – Elana Nolte

In memory of Thomas McCauley – Mari Wall

To honor Judy this Mother’s Day I am donating to Planned PEThood. I know this charity is special to her heart. – Love, Sid and Frances

Thank you for all the great work you do Planned Pethood of GA! I am completely in love with my adopted kitty, Sony (fka Barnum)! In honor of Brigitte Collins, a great foster mommy. – Candi C.

In honor of Midnight and Shelby – Teri C.

In honor of my mother, Alice Monroe – Ellen M.

In honor of Cynthia Matar. I made a donation on your behalf for all of the Odies and Bears in Georgia. Love you! – John M.

In honor of my sister, Leslie. For all the caring things you do for animals. – Maritta A.

In honor of my sister Sheree – Kathy B.

In memory of Auntie Pearl – Jennifer L.

In memory of Punkin, my fur baby – Lillian A.

In memory of Mayflower, my medical foster kitty. – Corliss R.

In memory of Mamma Paw, a feral mommy kitty. – Cheryl M.

In memory of my sister Dee Dee. – Roberta K.

In honor of my friend Bridget Atkins – Diane W.

In memory of Pouncer – Chien C.

In memory of my cats Sissy and Sweetpea – Ranga

In honor of my sister Sheree – Kathy B.

In memory of Sydney and Yoda – Chamise C.

In memory of Hector (CARL Kitty) – Emily C.

This is for all of my furbabies who have crosses the rainbow bridge. Thank you Planned PEThood for helping all the other furbabies 🙂 – Jai S.

In memory of Mitch – Cyndi R.

In honor and memory of a good friend, Ginger Krohn (A victim of COVID-19) – Cheri L.

APRIL 2020

In memory of Chico and Cleveland – Lydia W.

In honor of Pyewacket, our favorite shop kitty – Brenda Johnson

In honor of our PPOG rescue cat, Charlie – Alison P.

In honor of our two wonderful dogs that came from this organization. – Samantha K.

This donation is in memory of Agnes McCarthy. Lover of all dogs! Living and fake! – Christina H. 

In memory of Tucker Chancy, our beloved boxer. The most wonderful wiggle-butt boxer. – Jennifer C.

In memory of my best friends, Chico and Cleveland. – Lydia W.

In memory of Ellen Hamby. A wonderful supporter and friend to the animals. Rest in peace.

In honor of Ziva’s 9th birthday. Al cuz of you! – Susan C.

To honor my very recently passed Miss Mystic. Please use towards helping Feral Cats. Mystic’s Mother was a feral cat. – Nancy S.

In memory of Amelia. – Lisa N.

In memory of a loving husband, Grady Starnes – Ann S.

In memory of a precious kitty, Punkin Pi – Nancy W.

In honor of Susan N. This is to honor you and your commitment to cats and dogs everywhere, especially those who need help. – The HRC Team

In honor of Charlie, our PPOG rescue cat. – Alison P.

MARCH 2020

So proud of my girl for always choosing to help. In honor of Sara W. – Ann W.

In memory of my old dog, Shelby – Joseph K.

In memory of Gus and George, beloved cats. – Denise S.

In memory of J.J. A sweet feral kitty that I loved and cared for but was run over last march. I still have her sister though and I love her very much. – Sharon P.

In honor of Nova – Narges J.

In memory of Janet Leonard – Rhonda M.

In memory of my sister Jennifer T. – Ervin B.

In memory of Gail Akers Thompson – Kay & Ed S.

In loving memory of Marjorie Kossler – Mark and Jason D.

In memory of my beloved cats, Smokey and Capser – Ramona and Bill L.

In honor of Denise P. – Diana P.

In honor of my friend Charlotte Sadler. Thank you for taking in and providing food and shelter for so many homeless and/or feral cats. – Jill K.

In memory of Willow and Badge – Derek D.

In memory of Mary Phillips, my better half forever. – Andrew B.

In honor of Idalia and Martin Ortiz – Rubi O.

In memory of Biscuit, Planned PEThood’s lobby cat – Martin T.

In memory of Dolly, our calico cat 2008-2019. – Martin T.

In honor of all dogs, who are living proof of God’s unconditional love for human-kind. In honor of my first dog ever, Malia. – Evelyn A.

In memory of Diesel Dingo – Ivonne M.

In memory of Lydia, my granddog – Sue T.

In memory of Lucy and Dixie – Lauren F.

In memory of Jane Chatelain – Ashley R.

In memory of LCPL. Sean M. McCusker – Greg M.

In memory of James Murray – Tish M.

In honor of Barbara Collins – Deborah B.

In honor of Geri Miller. To honor someone who lives and breathes rescue along with her whole family. – Ellen L.

In memory of my dog Lillian – Pamela L.

In memory of Patsi Fetch, a friend. – Cari & Thomas S.

In honor of Jenny – Linda K.

In memory of Robert Cole – Mary G.

In memory of my cat Scooby – Gail B.

In honor of Jack the Golden Retriever – James L.


In memory of the beautiful Gnocci Yoke – Alison P.