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Meet Maddie

Maddie’s journey began in Madison, Florida, where she was discovered in the aftermath of Hurricane Adalia. She was wandering the area dragging a chain and was so weak that she had to be carried to safety. 

The local shelter had been destroyed, resources were few, and Maddie’s positive heartworm test led to discussions of humane euthanasia due to the lack of immediate aid. 

However, fate took a turn when a woman named Paula heard about Maddie’s situation and stepped up to be her foster. She took it upon herself to be Maddie’s advocate and find her help. 

Despite steep treatment quotes from various clinics, Paula kept calling and looking until she found Planned PEThood. She was in tears to learn how affordable Maddie’s treatment would be with us and that we would be able to save her life!

Fast forward to the last week, Maddie has completed her last round of heartworm treatment at our clinic. Under the loving care of her foster mom, Maddie is on the path to a full recovery and will be ready to find her forever family very soon. This sweet girl with gentle energy radiates gratitude for her second chance at life and our team is behind her cheering her on!

To learn more about adopting Maddie, please contact