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Limited Appointments Available for Puppies/Kittens & Heartworm tests ONLY on April 2 & April 4

During Gwinnett County’s stay at home order only essential businesses are allowed to remain open, including veterinarians. The Georgia Veterinary Medical Association does not consider spay/neuter surgeries and annual vaccines as essential services at this time, but it is essential that kittens and puppies receive their initial vaccines and boosters. Additionally, it is critical that all dogs remain on heartworm prevention. 
For this reason, we are welcoming patients for appointments ONLY if they are:
– Under 6 months of age for vaccinations/boosters
Dogs that are in need of heartworm tests in order to receive prevention
You can either email or leave a voicemail at 678-561-3491 to reserve a spot. Appointments are available from 10am-3:30pm on Thursday, April 2 and 9am-2pm on Saturday, April 4 ONLY. You must have an appointment to be seen on these dates.
At the appointment time, clients will be asked to wait in their vehicle and call. Staff will come out with paperwork and will take the pet inside without the owner.
This is a pilot date, and we hope to be able to offer these limited services for additional appointments in the future. 
Current clients may still request flea medication and heartworm prescriptions at our Online Pharmacy