Monthly Life Savers Saved Mr. Bojangles’ Life

“I found myself alone, sick, and scared in a rural shelter. I was in pain and itchy from head to paw. I needed immediate help. Knowing that they had regular contributions to rely on, Planned PEThood was able to rescue me and provide me with the lifesaving medical care I so desperately needed. I had a contagious skin mite that the shelter would not have been able to treat. If Planned PEThood didn’t step in to save me, I would be dead.

Having a regular stream of donations to count on can make the difference when deciding whether to rescue a cat, dog, or litter of kittens in need of specialized care, like me. Planned PEThood calls these monthly donors Life Savers.

Will you become a monthly Life Saver and help animals in need, like me, now? A donation at any level makes an impact. Plus, Each month you will receive a special e-mail with the story of an animal your contribution helped, like me, Ranger.