Before and after images of Ranger

Monthly Life Savers Saved Ranger’s Life


Hear Ranger’s story and how you can become a Life Saver, today!

My siblings and I found ourselves alone, sick, and scared. Our mother was gone, and we needed immediate help. Knowing that they had regular contributions to rely on, Planned PEThood was able to rescue us and provide us with the lifesaving medical care we so desperately needed.

Having a regular stream of donations to count on can make the difference when deciding whether to rescue a cat, dog, or litter of kittens in need of specialized care, like my family. Planned PEThood calls these monthly donors Life Savers.

Thanks to the team of monthly Life Savers, I was adopted into a loving home with my foster friend Petunia!

Will you become a monthly Life Saver and help animals in need, like me, now? A donation at any level makes an impact. Plus, Each month you will receive a special e-mail with the story of an animal your contribution helped, like me, Ranger.