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Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain

Early in September, a teacher from River Trail Middle School heard the cries of a kitty coming from a storm drain. The little kitten had no way to get out on its own and was stuck all by herself for days. The teacher reached out to the local fire department for help, but unfortunately, they had no success in a rescue. That is when she reached out to Planned PEThood desperately asking for help. She wanted advice on how she could rescue the stuck little girl. We told our Feral Cat Services Manager, Amy, and she rushed off to help the poor kitten. With some teamwork, Amy and the teacher were able to rescue the 4-week-old kitten. The kitten was a little dirty, but thankfully she was safe. The teacher was so attached to the kitten that she decided to bring her home and welcome her into her family. 

Weeks later, this sweet kitty is living with the teacher who reached out for help. She has three Planned PEThood rescue cats of her own, so this new kitten will fit right in. It’s messy work, climbing into the storm drain, but Amy was more than happy to do it in order to get this kitten a chance at finding a loving, furrever home.


  1. REPLY
    Carl Crazy Cat Guy Gardei says

    We love you guys! Keep up the good work.

  2. REPLY
    Marcia Senecal says

    Congrats to Amy with Feral Cat Services @ Planned Pethood for her work in rescuing the helpless kitten. Kudos, too, to the VERY persistent teacher from River Trail Middle School, who would not give up on the kitten. Her taking ownership of the little guy, to ensure its long term safety, is just as important. Thank you, to people like you both!

  3. REPLY
    Phillip Holstein says

    I love the happy endings… Bless you wonderful ladies for saving this tiny angel.

  4. REPLY
    Ruth Braselton Morris says

    True heros.

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