Animal rescue, compassion, and kindness can and should be taught at a young age. That is why we developed the KIRA Club, named in memory of Kira Serisky. KIRA Club stands for Kids Interested in Rescuing Animals and aims to educate and inspire youth interested in helping animals in need.

These monthly meetings consist of an age specific craft or project, speaker or presentation, and an opportunity to meet a few special furry guests. The kids can ask questions and dig as deep into animal rescue as they like.

Parents for children under 10 years old should be present during the meeting, but can utilize our conference room and Wifi as needed.

The KIRA Club will explore animal rescue and animal welfare more in depth with opportunities to volunteer in between classes to volunteer with their parents. We will discuss opportunities to foster, bottle feed, host donation drives, and/or have rescue field trips during future meetings.


If you have additional questions please contact Lauren at