Keep the Mama, Not the Drama is aimed to assist cat owners that have had an accidental pregnancy or litter of kittens. Thanks to a grant from the Orphan Kitten Club, we are offering free spay surgeries and vetting for select mom cats while the kittens are placed in foster or adoptive homes. We know you love your cat and want to keep her in your family forever. The goal of this program is to keep cats in their forever homes, prevent new kittens from being born, and prevent cats and kittens from entering shelters.

The financial and emotional burden of an accidental kitty pregnancy can be overwhelming and expensive. We know spaying your cat, providing food and medical care, and finding good homes for the kittens is hard. We are here to help!

If you answer yes to the following, we may be able to help you keep mama, not the drama (kittens).

  • Yes, I have a female cat that is pregnant or had a litter of kittens
  • Yes, I want to keep the mama cat
  • Yes, I would like to find a safe place for kittens
  • Yes, I can travel to Duluth, GA
  • Yes, I need help affording food and medical care for these cats

If you answered yes to most of these statements please submit a help request form below. It may take up to 5 days for a response, please be patient as we work through these requests.

If you want to explore other options, visit our resources page.

NOTE: This program is closed at this time.


Thank you to the Orphan Kitten Club’s Mighty Cat Grant program for funding this effort. If you are interested in helping this program continue to succeed, consider becoming a foster parent for cats and kittens. This program is limited by funding and foster home availability.