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Discount Offer for Norcross Residents

Thanks to a grant from the Bissell Pet Foundation, Planned PEThood is discounting spay/neuter surgeries for residents of Norcross:

  • Cats for only $30
  • Dogs under 100 lbs. for $45

Included in the cost is the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination and pain medication.

Our goal is to help pet owners who need to get their pets fixed but cannot afford the cost other clinics charge for the same service. Although this discounted price is only for Norcross residents, keep in mind our clinic offers affordable spay/neuter surgeries for everyone!

Spaying and neutering pets is important for a variety of reasons. Most dogs hit by cars are unaltered male dogs searching for a mate. Neutering a male dog eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer, and spaying a female dog eliminates the risk of an infected uterus - a life-threatening emergency condition. In addition to the health and safety benefits, spaying and neutering prevents accidental litters from being born. In Gwinnett County there are an estimated 20,000 unowned cats roaming outside. Preventing further births is critical to getting a handle on the pet overpopulation issue in Gwinnett and Georgia.

For Spanish speakers, Planned PEThood offers forms and appointments in Spanish. Please call and leave a message and a Spanish speaker will contact you.

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