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Grizz Finds His Forever Home

Grizz, this beautiful, fluffy pup, found his forever home!

Grizz was originally dumped out in West Georgia. He later wandered onto a farm and decided not to leave. The people who lived on the farm fed and cared for him for about 6 months but ultimately decided Grizz deserved so much more than they could offer. He had been living in a pen outside in the summer heat and they wanted to find him a home where he could enjoy the indoors. That’s when Planned PEThood was able to help.

Grizz arrived at Planned PEThood and then quickly settled into his foster home. This smart, eager-to-please pup was absolutely desperate for affection and wanted to find his forever home over anything else.

After a few months of searching, the day finally came! Grizz’s new dad traveled all the way from Wyoming just to meet him! He and his wife had been on the search for a fluffy companion for them and their corgi who could enjoy the mountain life. They unfortunately lost their 14-year-old Shepherd last year and Grizz will help fill that void. 

This fluffy pup will definitely prefer Wyoming weather over our Georgia summers! Grizz is already exploring the area, hiking with his new parents and doggie brother. His future consists of more hikes, mountain camping, doggy playdates, and lots of snuggles.

Happy life Grizz!