Program Statistics:

Cats and dogs spayed/neutered in 2021: 1,349
Cats and dogs transferred to rescue groups in 2021: 222

Total Lives “Fixed” Since Program Began: 3,020

(updated Jan. 2022)

Go Fix Georgia

Go Fix Georgia is a program dedicated to improving spay/neuter access to remote and rural animal shelters and communities across Georgia, starting with Newton County Animal Control (NCAC) in May 2019.

NCAC’s staff face many obstacles to keeping the animals in their shelter safe. The shelter is very small, with only 18 dog runs and 26 cat cages. With such limited space, and needing to make room for new animals arriving daily, animals are not held for more than a few days. There is also no option for sterilizing animals prior to being adopted from the shelter, which creates a two-fold problem: visitors may choose not to adopt animals for fear of unknown veterinary costs, and the few lucky animals that are adopted can go on to produce litters – adding to the cycle of overpopulation. The sad result is that in 2018 only 52% of dogs and 33% of cats that entered NCAC left the facility alive.

Our new Go Fix Georgia program will ensure that more animals leave the shelter sterilized, vaccinated, and – most of all – alive. Our dedicated staff and volunteers utilize the non-profit’s van to bring animals from Newton County Animal Control to their Duluth clinic for surgery every week, recover them for 24 hours, and then return them to the shelter for adoption. Every animal that enters the Go Fix Georgia program is guaranteed safety!

In addition to animals transported for surgery prior to adoption, Planned PEThood is networking with local rescue organizations to encourage them to pull from NCAC, adding those pets to the transport and moving more out of the shelter. Rescues and shelters often struggle with sending staff to remote shelters for rescue efforts, so many were eager and willing to aid us in our efforts. You can see a list below of all the shelters and rescues that have partnered with us and how many animals they have saved from Newton County Animal Control.

In June 2019, we worked alongside Newton County leadership to facilitate an adoption fee increase at Newton County Animal Control which ensures all animals leaving the shelter have funding for their spay/neuter surgery and rabies vaccination. Read more here.

This program was initially created thanks to an innovation grant from Maddie’s Fund, and is sustained over the next year thanks to a Rachel Ray Save them All Grant from Best Friends Animal Society.

Newton County is the pilot county for this program. Planned PEThood’s goal is to broaden the scope of this service to include other rural counties and remote locations across the state. With access to affordable spay/neuter services, Planned PEThood aims to further reduce Georgia’s pet overpopulation problem, which causes the deaths of at least 40,000 cats and dogs in Georgia shelters each year.

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