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Empty the Shelters Event 2021

40 cats and kittens are in their forever homes this week thanks to Cathy Bissell and the Bissell Pet Foundation. Their quarterly “Empty the Shelters” effort helped sponsor reduced adoption fees for $25 or less at 180 shelters and rescues in 35 states, included Planned PEThood of GA. 

The “Empty the Shelters” event began in 2016 as an effort to encourage more families to adopt a pet into their home. Since its inception, BISSELL Pet Foundation has expanded its “Empty the Shelters” reach to organizations in 45 states and Canada, partnering with a total of 414 shelters. The goal for the fall 2021 event for Planned PEthood of GA was to find forever homes for 35 cats/kittens and we surpassed that number with 40 adoptions!  

“Shelters are in dire need of support in the wake of natural disasters and overcrowding due to obstacles such as increased length of stay and slowed adoptions for mid-to-large sized dogs,” said Cathy Bissell, Founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation. “Our fall ‘Empty the Shelters’ will support the adoption of thousands of pets across the country, helping shelters in this time of crisis. Opening your home to a shelter pet will save a life and create space to give another pet a chance.”

Below is a list of the adopted cats/kittens and pictures of many of the adopted animals! We still have dozens of cats and kittens in need of homes. View adoptable cats here. 

Congratulations to Arika, Baby Biscuit, Chris, Dwight, Elliot, Elon, Figit, Galin, Giovani, Grace, Heist, Jackson, Janet, Krishna, Kyle, Larry, Lateef, Laurel, Leia, Lissa, Malin, Miranda, Mr. Gibbs, Niall, Pumpkin, Roger, Salem, Sarah, Sebastian, Snickers, Spot 2, Spenser, Sumire, Tau, Tobi, Troubles, Tsubakli, Ulysess, Velvet, and Winnie