Our Community Cats program is a resource, not a rescue. The goal of our program is to help manage the population of community cats through targeted trapping and spay/neuter.

While we wish we could help everyone that contacts us, our time and abilities are limited. We focus our energy on trapping large colonies that have grown out of control, injured/sick community cats the county can not handle, and assisting members of the public unable to assist themselves such as the elderly or people in need of financial assistance.

  • If you simply need to borrow a humane trap to catch a feral/community cat, fill out our trap loan request form. You will be contacted when traps are available to borrow. When you pick up the traps, our team will teach you how to use them, give you tips, and inform you of cost and drop off days/times. ($35/community cat)

To request Planned PEThood’s assistance with trapping feral/community cats, please fill out this form below.

A staff member will be in contact within 3 business days. (We are open Mon-Thur.)