Drumstick, a Tripod Kitty, Finds His Forever Home

After a rough start to life, Drumstick found his forever home!

Drumstick, a resilient and spunky kitten, faced a truly traumatic start in life. While we may never fully understand the hardships he endured, what we do know is heart-wrenching. Drumstick arrived at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter malnourished and had ringworm. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Drumstick also had a degloved back leg (a traumatic injury where the top layers of skin and tissue are torn away from the limb) and was missing a foot. We knew we could help Drumstick so we welcomed him into Planned PEThood’s foster program.

After some serious medical intervention from our wonderful vet team and some much-needed TLC from his incredible foster mom, Drumstick started his road to recovery. He ended up needing his leg amputated and undergoing several weeks of treatment for ringworm. After a few weeks, he made a full recovery and was ready to go to his forever home. 

His new family, who are past adopters of Planned PEThood, opened their hearts to this special guy. We couldn’t be more excited for this sweet kitty. Even with three legs, nothing slows him down! 

Happy life Drumstick! ❤️

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Gwinnett County Residents and Their Pets Get the Help They Need!

This October, Gwinnett County pet owners and their pets received much-needed assistance. Planned PEThood’s outreach team, Go Fix Georgia, teamed up with Subaru of Gwinnett and Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement to provide free veterinary care and pet supplies to pet owners in need. 

Our team saw a whopping 322 adorable, deserving pets in just over four hours! That’s a whole lot of good in such a short time! In total, we were able to help 207 dogs and 115 cats. We’re thrilled that we were able to help so many dogs and cats receive free vaccines, microchips, flea medication, pet supplies, and more. Even more impressive is that 61% of pets were unaltered and 32% had never been to a vet before. Now, they have basic medical care and will be sterilized within the next few months. 

The need for outreach events like this was abundantly clear. Tons of people lined up early in the morning, some getting there hours before the event started. Owning a pet right now is hard as vet care and supply prices continue to grow. Vet care might be the last thing you can afford. These events help ensure the wellness of pets in the community and reduce overpopulation through free spay/neuter. We plan to continue working with Gwinnett County and other counties to host outreach events like this in the future. 

There were so many amazing organizations and volunteers who came together to help make this event successful. Without their support, this would never have been possible. Our Go Fix Georgia team could not have done it without our event sponsor, Subaru of Gwinnett and the ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Grant. Not only does Subaru of Gwinnett put their company’s name and resources behind animal welfare efforts, but they are also personally committed to the cause. It’s incredible of them to celebrate their ‘Subaru Loves Pets’ month by helping the underdogs right in our community. 

Other Assistance: Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement, Atlanta Humane SocietyPetco Love

Make sure to check our emails and social media for upcoming outreach event dates. We are always looking for partner companies or individuals to sponsor outreach events. Please email tweaver@PEThoodGA.org if you or your company might be interested in giving back.

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