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Adoptions increase 20% in March 2020

The ONLY positive thing to come out of COVID-19 is the fact that animals across the country are receiving more love than ever before from their owners. Not only are pets getting more love, but homeless animals are being fostered and adopted at record rates! It is wonderful to see the demand to save lives increase so dramatically! 

In March 2020, Planned PEThood’s adoptions increased by 20% compared to the previous year. A total of 59 pets found loving homes in March! Below is a list of all the babies that found forever homes and some of their happy pictures. If you want to see your happy picture here next month view our adoptable animals. Congratulations to all of the lucky families! 

If you adopted a pet from us we would love to see updates! E-mail us anytime at 

March 2020 Adoptions: Angel, Angelica, Beau, Beethoven, Brooks, Bubble, Buzz, Cannoli , Cassie, Cha-Cha, Champ, Cheeto, Chloe, Cocoa, Cosmo, Crumpet, Crystal, Curious George, “D,” Daisy Mae, Donovan, Dudley, Elsa, Elliot, Emerson, Fred, George, Ghost, Gigi, Harlow, Hulk, Icicle, Jessie, Jupiter, Kona,  Maui, Meowzer, Mia, Moana, Nigel, Peaches, Pogo, Popsicle, Purrcules, Riley, Sam, Sanford, Scone, Scotland, Sir Shenanigan, Snugglewumps, Skipper, Squeaks, Stripe, Stripes, S’more, Sybill, Taffi, Tormund, Woody