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A Slithering Snake Makes an Appearance at KIRA Club

This month our KIRA Club (Kids Interested in Rescuing Animals) had an incredible meeting and were able to meet different animals than they are used to meeting.

Thanks to Autrey Mill Nature Preserve, the kids learned all about rescue in the wildlife world and even had the chance to meet a few interesting creatures. Bottle Cap, a snake, and Mr. What, a turtle, loved meeting the KIRA Club kids. It was a fun and exciting meeting that will make a huge difference and impact these kids. The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve is a wonderful resource for the community and family. Make sure to check them out!

Animal rescue, compassion, and kindness can and should be taught at a young age, which is why we developed KIRA Club (Kids Interested in Rescuing Animals). Thanks to a grant from Orphan Kitten Club and Kitten Lady in Kira Serisky’s memory, we were able to start this program.

KIRA Club has monthly meetings to discuss certain tops and educate/inspire children on the importance of animal rescue. These meetings include crafts, projects, speakers, presentations, and opportunities to meet a few furry (in this case scaley) guests. Children ages 5 to 17 are welcome to join.