Sophie’s Pyometra Story

Spaying female cats and dogs not only ensures they can’t have puppies and kittens but it also prevents the possibility of pyometra, a serious and potentially life-threatening infection of the uterus. 

In April, Sophie came into our clinic, desperately needing help. Her mom had taken her to another veterinary clinic after noticing something was off about Sophie. There she was diagnosed with pyometra. Sophie’s mom called around to get Sophie the surgery she needed but everywhere quoted her over $1,000. She knew she couldn’t afford that but wanted to get Sophie that medical attention she needed. That’s when she turned to Planned PEThood for help.

Luckily, our veterinarian was able to squeeze her into the schedule right in time as our surgery team finished the last dog. Sophie had a pretty bad case of pyometra but thanks to our amazing medical team and our fantastic supporters, she got the help she desperately needed.

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Help for Athens-Clarke County Residents and Their Pets

This June, Athens-Clarke County pet owners and their pets received much-needed assistance. Planned PEThood’s outreach team worked with Athens-Clarke County Animal Services to provide free veterinary care and supplies to pet owners in need.

This was Planned PEThood’s first outreach event in Athens-Clarke County. Our team worked tirelessly to see 140 pets in just a couple of hours. We are thrilled that we were able to help so many dogs and cats receive free vaccines, microchips, flea preventative, pet supplies, spay/neuter vouchers, and more. Now, these pets have basic medical care and the opportunity to be spayed or neutered within the next few months. These events ensure the wellness of pets in the community and reduce overpopulation through free spay/neuter. 

So many amazing organizations and volunteers came together to help make this event possible. Our team could not have done it without the assistance of Athens-Clarke County Animal Services and the generosity of supporters like you. If you’d like to help support future outreach events, make a donation today. Additionally, we’d like to give a huge thank you to Fix Georgia Pets for providing the spay/neuter vouchers to attendees. Their generosity will help prevent pet overpopulation. Another huge thank you to Open Hand Atlanta who attended the event and provided access to fresh fruits and veggies to pet parents while they work hard to take care of their four-legged family members.

Other assistance was provided by the Atlanta Humane Society and Petco Love.

Make sure to check our emails and social media for upcoming outreach event dates. 

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