February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month! A whole month dedicated to encouraging people to save animals’ lives by spaying and neutering pets and community cats. Here at Planned PEThood of Georgia, we love to encourage spaying and neutering every day!

There are dozens of benefits of spaying and neutering your pets, but they can be divided into three main categories: health, behavior, and population control.

  1. Eliminate unwanted behaviors.Spaying and neutering can have a big impact on your pet’s behavior. Spayed and neutered animals are less prone to spraying and marking and may even stop it altogether. Spaying/neutering also reduces the urge to roam, especially when females are in heat. Less roaming will make your pet less likely to be injured in fights or auto accidents and decrease the risk of contracting diseases. Spay/neuter also reduces aggressive behavior, including biting.
  2. Help your pet’s health. The chances are greatly reduced that your pet will get several serious, life-threatening, and expensive health problems. Spaying/neutering reduces or eliminates the risk of certain cancers, such as uterine, breast, or testicular cancer. It can also eliminate pyometra, a very severe infection of the uterus, andeliminate prostate problems in male dogs. Spaying and neutering your pets will increase his/her chances of a longer and healthier life. Altering your pet will increase their lifespan by an average of 1-3 years for dogs and 3-5 years for felines. The life expectancy of spayed/neutered pets is up to 26% longer than that of intact pets, according to the University of Georgia.
  1. Help prevent pet overpopulation.Spaying/neutering is the only way to reduce the number of unwanted litters. In the greater Atlanta area, thousands of dogs and cats end up in animal shelters each year and are killed for lack of space and lack of existing homes. Unwanted litters place a tremendous burden on shelters. Many times we tend to blame the animal shelters, but pet overpopulation is a community problem. There is a simple solution – be a responsible pet guardian and make sure that all of your pets and those of family and friends are spayed or neutered.

At Planned PEThood, we offer low-cost spay/neuter options to help keep pet ownership affordable and to keep pets with their families. Learn more about our services and book an appointment today!

If your pets are already spayed/neutered, spread the word and put your support behind this important cause. The more people that know about the importance of spay and neuter, the better!