Help for 240 Habersham County Pets and Their Parents

In December, Habersham County pet owners and their pets received much-needed assistance. Planned PEThood’s team, Go Fix Georgia, teamed up with Habersham County Animal Care and Control to host a Community Pet Clinic offering, free vet care and supplies to pet owners in need, just in time for the holidays.

The need for outreach events like this was obvious as people started to line up hours before the event even started. Our team and Habersham’s team worked tirelessly helping a continuous line of animals whose owners drove through the pop-up event. It was brutally cold and the wind made things hard for our team, but we persevered. In just over four hours, we were able to see 240 adorable, deserving pets. That’s 20% more than what we promised! 

We are thrilled that we were able to help so many cats and dogs receive free vaccines, microchips, flea preventative, pet supplies, and more. More than half of the pets served applied for spay and neuter vouchers which demonstrates a huge need for the service in the county. Providing spay and neuter services helps with reducing the overcrowding pressures animal shelters face.

There were many amazing organizations and volunteers who came together to help make this event such a success. THANK YOU ALL! Our team could not have done it without the assistance of Habersham County Animal Care and Control and the Allen Family, who sponsored this incredible event. Without their contributions, this event would not have been possible. We hope to work with Habersham County Animal Care and Control to help more pets and people in Habersham County in the future. 

Other Assistance Provided By: Atlanta Humane Society and Petco Love

Make sure to check our emails and social media for upcoming outreach event dates. We are always looking for partner companies or individuals to sponsor outreach events. Please email if you or your company might be interested in giving back.

Read more about the event in this excellent article that explains the need for community outreach events.

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Get to Know Dr. Murphy, Our Superstar Vet

Dr. Murphy had always dreamt of becoming a veterinarian since her childhood. Her family fondly referred to her as Ellie May, after a character from an old TV show, due to her immense love for animals. This nickname from her childhood foreshadowed her future career path as a skilled and devoted veterinarian. 

She recalls one of her most memorable experiences working with animals during her time at the University of Tennessee. She worked in the rehab department during clinics where she encountered a yellow lab named Max. Max was suffering from disc disease that eventually caused hind limb paralysis. Though he had undergone surgery and an intensive two-month rehabilitation, he couldn’t regain control over his hind legs or bladder.

Dr. Murphy formed a deep bond with Max during his stay. Recognizing the importance of providing him with proper care, she decided to adopt Max and became his devoted caretaker for the final four years of his life.

Fostering animals also holds a special place in the heart of Dr. Murphy. Her favorite part is observing the transformation of the animals as they regain their health and confidence in the comfort of her home. She says that the happiness she feels when her fosters find their forever homes is both heartwarming and bittersweet. Dr. Murphy has fostered 43 animals since joining the Planned PEThood team.

Dr. Murphy’s journey is a story of compassion and dedication. Since joining the team in June of 2022, Dr. Murphy performed 9,598 surgeries, some of those including leg amputations, prolapse repairs, and several other emergency surgeries. 

At Planned PEThood, her expertise and love for helping animals shine as she contributes to making a huge impact! Please join us in thanking Dr. Murphy for her incredible efforts to help animals in Georgia!

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