Keep Your Pets Safe This New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve can be such a fun time for us but can be a frightening and overwhelming experience for our furry family members.

The loud noises from fireworks can cause stress to our pets and result in unwanted situations. Frightened, panicked pets tend to bolt and run far away from whatever spooked them, leading to lots of lost pets. This is an extremely busy time of the year for animal shelters and rescues across the country as more pets panic over fireworks and end up lost. The only other day on which more pets go missing is the Fourth of July.

Here are a few simple tips for a stress-free, safe day for both you and your pets:

Microchip and ID Your Pets. Proper identification may be the only way to help reunite with your pets should they become lost. Having an up-to-date microchip and collar with an ID tag can make a huge difference. Tags are available at most pet stores and even many Walmart locations. Planned PEThood offers microchips for only $25 and that includes registration. All other veterinary clinics offer this service as well, ranging from $24-$75

Work Them Out Before the Festivities Begin. Take your dog for a long walk or a run several hours before the festivities begin. Indoor playtime exercise is great for cats. Giving your pets lots of exercise during the day can help so they’ll be worn out once the fireworks start. A tired pet is a calmer pet and can help with stress and anxiety levels.

Keep Them Indoors. Loud sounds can scare your pets, causing them to bolt. Put them in an indoor, cozy spot well before the fireworks start. If possible, stay home with your pets. When home alone, pets are more likely to panic. Having someone can comforting for your pet.

Provide a Safe, Quiet Place. Help your pet feel safer in a quiet room to crate that is escape-proof. Try blocking out the light from outside.

Provide Distractions. Focus their attention on things such as toys or treats to encourage their minds to focus on that, rather than the noises outside. Use TV or music to mask the sounds outside. Consider a Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter or a cat nip toy.

Ask a Veterinarian for Help. Some pets are more terrified of fireworks than others. There are medications and techniques that might help with your pet’s fear and anxiety. If your pet’s anxiety is severe, it might be helpful to book an appointment with your vet well in advance of the holiday to discuss how to best help your fur baby.

Do your pets a favor and make sure they are well-protected and safe for the holidays so they’re with you for many years to come! 

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Drumstick, a Tripod Kitty, Finds His Forever Home

After a rough start to life, Drumstick found his forever home!

Drumstick, a resilient and spunky kitten, faced a truly traumatic start in life. While we may never fully understand the hardships he endured, what we do know is heart-wrenching. Drumstick arrived at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter malnourished and had ringworm. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Drumstick also had a degloved back leg (a traumatic injury where the top layers of skin and tissue are torn away from the limb) and was missing a foot. We knew we could help Drumstick so we welcomed him into Planned PEThood’s foster program.

After some serious medical intervention from our wonderful vet team and some much-needed TLC from his incredible foster mom, Drumstick started his road to recovery. He ended up needing his leg amputated and undergoing several weeks of treatment for ringworm. After a few weeks, he made a full recovery and was ready to go to his forever home. 

His new family, who are past adopters of Planned PEThood, opened their hearts to this special guy. We couldn’t be more excited for this sweet kitty. Even with three legs, nothing slows him down! 

Happy life Drumstick! ❤️

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Meet Maddie

Maddie’s journey began in Madison, Florida, where she was discovered in the aftermath of Hurricane Adalia. She was wandering the area dragging a chain and was so weak that she had to be carried to safety. 

The local shelter had been destroyed, resources were few, and Maddie’s positive heartworm test led to discussions of humane euthanasia due to the lack of immediate aid. 

However, fate took a turn when a woman named Paula heard about Maddie’s situation and stepped up to be her foster. She took it upon herself to be Maddie’s advocate and find her help. 

Despite steep treatment quotes from various clinics, Paula kept calling and looking until she found Planned PEThood. She was in tears to learn how affordable Maddie’s treatment would be with us and that we would be able to save her life!

Fast forward to the last week, Maddie has completed her last round of heartworm treatment at our clinic. Under the loving care of her foster mom, Maddie is on the path to a full recovery and will be ready to find her forever family very soon. This sweet girl with gentle energy radiates gratitude for her second chance at life and our team is behind her cheering her on!

To learn more about adopting Maddie, please contact

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Help for Walton County Residents and Their Pets

This December, Walton County pet owners and their pets received much-needed assistance. Planned PEThood’s outreach team, Go Fix Georgia, teamed up with Walton County Animal Control to provide free vet care and supplies to pet owners in need. 

This was our second Walton County Outreach Event and it was one of the most successful outreach events to date! Our team worked tirelessly to see 253 adorable, deserving pets in just over four hours. Way more than the 200 pets we promised! We ended up seeing patients until the supplies ran out. We are thrilled that we were able to help so many dogs and cats receive free vaccines, microchips, flea preventative, pet supplies, and more. Now, these pets have basic medical care and will be spayed or neutered within the next few months.

These events ensure the wellness of pets in the community and reduce overpopulation through free spay/neuter. The need for outreach events like this was clear as dozens of people lined up early in the morning despite the unfortunate weather. 

There were so many amazing organizations and volunteers who came together to help make this event such a success. THANK YOU ALL! Our team could not have done it without the assistance of Walton County Animal Control, who sponsored this incredible event. We hope to work with Walton County Animal Control to help more pets and people in Walton County in the future. Another huge thank you to Best Friends Animal Society and The Humane Society of Walton for sponsoring the spay/neuter vouchers. 

Other Assistance Provided By: Atlanta Humane Society and Petco Love

Make sure to check our emails and social media for upcoming outreach event dates. We are always looking for partner companies or individuals to sponsor outreach events. Please email if you or your company might be interested in giving back.

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Grizz Finds His Forever Home

Grizz, this beautiful, fluffy pup, found his forever home!

Grizz was originally dumped out in West Georgia. He later wandered onto a farm and decided not to leave. The people who lived on the farm fed and cared for him for about 6 months but ultimately decided Grizz deserved so much more than they could offer. He had been living in a pen outside in the summer heat and they wanted to find him a home where he could enjoy the indoors. That’s when Planned PEThood was able to help.

Grizz arrived at Planned PEThood and then quickly settled into his foster home. This smart, eager-to-please pup was absolutely desperate for affection and wanted to find his forever home over anything else.

After a few months of searching, the day finally came! Grizz’s new dad traveled all the way from Wyoming just to meet him! He and his wife had been on the search for a fluffy companion for them and their corgi who could enjoy the mountain life. They unfortunately lost their 14-year-old Shepherd last year and Grizz will help fill that void. 

This fluffy pup will definitely prefer Wyoming weather over our Georgia summers! Grizz is already exploring the area, hiking with his new parents and doggie brother. His future consists of more hikes, mountain camping, doggy playdates, and lots of snuggles.

Happy life Grizz!

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