An Important Message from Our Executive Director

Last night, as I sat listening to the birds chirping in my backyard, I was struck by how strange the world feels right now. Our daily lives have completely changed. We are in the process of creating new daily rhythms that don’t include offices, schools, restaurants, or any social gatherings. 

At the same time that all of this isolation is occurring, our connections to each other, and to our pets, have never been more palpable. Our pets have become a constant source of love, comfort, and distraction during these challenging times.

When I started the Planned PEThood of Georgia 10 years ago, I was driven by a desire to help pets and the people who love them. It was a simple mission that grew into an organization that currently runs six distinct life-saving programs. We reach communities and animals in ways I had not imagined 10 years ago, and I am wildly proud of how much our staff and volunteers give to the community. 

We feel fortunate to be a recipient of the CARES Act’s Small Business Loan program. With this assistance, our dedicated staff members will continue to receive their paychecks during this time. We continue to navigate this strange new world and how to give back while protecting our volunteers, staff, and patrons. 

While our payroll is secure for now, 60% of our programs are on pause, including the revenue-generating programs that fund our rescue efforts, rent, utilities, insurance, and… well, you get the idea. However, there is good news!

Our rescue program is flourishing with an abundance of foster home and adoption applications flooding our inboxes daily. Animals are being adopted faster than ever before, and we even have a waiting list for kittens.   

At Planned PEThood of Georgia, we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic one day at a time, and we truly appreciate your support during this challenging period. Everyone at Planned PEThood is thankful to have you as a friend. We hope you and your family are healthy and safe. Our receptionists are checking messages daily to keep you informed. Please reach out to us if you need anything. 


Elizabeth Burgner

Executive Director 

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3-year-old and 5-year-old Brothers Raise Kittens and Release Feral Cats

3-year-old Jakob and 5-year-old Markus have an intense love of animals. But really, they had no choice in the matter. Their parents, Jennifer and Al, have been training them since birth! As long-time animal lovers and rescuers, Jennifer and Al felt it was important to teach their children how to care for animals in need.

Together, this family of four helps orphaned kittens and momma cats get the vital care they need after being rescued as foster parents for Planned PEThood of Georgia.

Not only do the boys help their parents care for the cats and kittens, but they help to prepare them for adoption. Handling the kittens gives them important exposure to children that helps at adoption events. A friendly kitten is more likely to be adopted! The animals aren’t the only ones benefiting from this relationship though. The boys learn lessons about compassion and responsibility while making a difference. “It is a life lesson that can’t be learned in schools. So, I can’t get mad when they don’t want to do online learning. They rather play with the kitties!” says Jennifer.

3-year-old Jakob even took a turn releasing a community cat with his dad after TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) recently. For those of you who don’t know, TNR is when a community cat (sometimes called wild or feral) is humanely trapped, spayed/neutered and ear tipped, and then returned to the place it was trapped. This is the only humane and effective way to reduce cat overpopulation. Watch Jakob release his first community cat below!

Markus, Jakob, Jennifer and Al are making a difference in our community. We look forward to seeing who these sweet young boys grow up to be. 

If your family might be interested in fostering please visit our foster page or email our foster coordinator. Together, we can make a greater impact. 


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NEW Home Delivery Instant Rebates for Flea/Tick and Heartworm medications

Unfortunately, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes don’t miraculously disappear during quarantine. Warmer weather and increased outside activities can increase these pests on your beloved pets, but we can help.

Home delivery of your pet’s preventative medications is a great way for you to get vital pet products during social distancing. Right now, Planned PEThood’s online pharmacy is offering NEW Home Delivery Instant Rebates on a variety of Flea/Tick and Heartworm products. Visit our online pharmacy now. Many of these products require that you have been seen at our clinic in the past year, however you can purchase products like Advantage on our pharmacy page without ever being a client. 

 E-mail if you have any questions.        

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Adoptions increase 20% in March 2020

The ONLY positive thing to come out of COVID-19 is the fact that animals across the country are receiving more love than ever before from their owners. Not only are pets getting more love, but homeless animals are being fostered and adopted at record rates! It is wonderful to see the demand to save lives increase so dramatically! 

In March 2020, Planned PEThood’s adoptions increased by 20% compared to the previous year. A total of 59 pets found loving homes in March! Below is a list of all the babies that found forever homes and some of their happy pictures. If you want to see your happy picture here next month view our adoptable animals. Congratulations to all of the lucky families! 

If you adopted a pet from us we would love to see updates! E-mail us anytime at 

March 2020 Adoptions: Angel, Angelica, Beau, Beethoven, Brooks, Bubble, Buzz, Cannoli , Cassie, Cha-Cha, Champ, Cheeto, Chloe, Cocoa, Cosmo, Crumpet, Crystal, Curious George, “D,” Daisy Mae, Donovan, Dudley, Elsa, Elliot, Emerson, Fred, George, Ghost, Gigi, Harlow, Hulk, Icicle, Jessie, Jupiter, Kona,  Maui, Meowzer, Mia, Moana, Nigel, Peaches, Pogo, Popsicle, Purrcules, Riley, Sam, Sanford, Scone, Scotland, Sir Shenanigan, Snugglewumps, Skipper, Squeaks, Stripe, Stripes, S’more, Sybill, Taffi, Tormund, Woody

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