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Donate a Trap Program

It's important for everyone to take responsibility for the neighborhood stray. Left unaltered, this cat can reproduce and before long there will be dozens and dozens of strays living in your neighborhood. The best thing you can do for feral and stray cats is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). The benefits to keeping feral cats around outweigh the cost of altering them. Feral cats are the best non-toxic method of getting rid of rodents and snakes. With a feral cat on the premise, you will finally be able to do away with rat poisons, mouse traps, and dirty rodent droppings. These chemicals are poisonous to your pets, children, and other family members. Removing feral cats from a location is very ineffective as it only opens a territorial void and then more unaltered cats move in, starting the breeding cycle all over again. If they wind up at the shelter feral cats are considered un-adoptable and will most likely be euthanized.

We use a 30-LTD from Tru-Catch.  We have approximately 75 traps available for loan and they are almost always loaned out.  More traps are appreciated!


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Help us promote TNR by donating a trap!

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Pet transport, toys, towels, cat food, treats, etc.

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