Matching Funds Needed!

Planned PEThood has been offered an AMAZING opportunity by our friends at Second Life Atlanta in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Month: They will match up to $1,250 of funds raised to spay/neuter pit bulls and pit mixes!

With a total of $2,500, we can FIX 30 DOGS!

That will be 30 dogs NOT contributing toward Georgia's pet overpopulation crisis. Up to 90% of the dogs in metro Atlanta shelters are pits and pit mixes, and many, sadly, do not make it out the front door. We want to help responsible owners of these dogs get their pets spayed/neutered, but affording even our discounted prices is impossible for some. With this grant, we can remove that obstacle and help those owners and their dogs!

Please help us raise $1,250 by November 19 so that we can qualify for Second Life's generous matching grant!

We LOVE Second Life Atlanta! They provide other grants to us on a regular basis, and we are very grateful for their continued dedication to helping Georgia's pets.

Second Life was created with the mission to give homeless pets a second chance at life. When you shop and donate your gently-used items at their 2 upscale thrift stores in Avondale Estates, you help raise funds to support animal rescues and spay/neuter programs – like ours! Since opening, they have made over $945,000 in grants to animal charities – saving lives and helping families be responsible pet owners. Visit their website at for more info about how easy it is for you to help.

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