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Trap Reservation Request

Do you need to catch a feral or stray cat (or several)? The safest way to capture a feral/stray cat is to use a humane trap.

We rent humane traps for up to two weeks at no cost. We require a $60 deposit per trap ($80 for a drop trap) that is refunded in full when you return the trap. We accept cash, check, or credit card for the deposit, and we do not charge the card or cash the check unless you don't bring the trap back.

Most cats can be caught with our standard humane trap. We also have a limited number of drop traps, which are a special type of humane trap intended to capture cats that have a history of avoiding standard humane traps. We recommend that you try using a standard humane trap first and then rent a drop trap if you fail to trap the cat after numerous tries. Need more than one trap? You can enter the total number needed on the reservation request. 

If you'd like to reserve a trap(s), just fill out our reservation form and we will contact you when the trap(s) you requested is available for pickup. Thanks!

Trap Loan Request

Trap Loan Request

Best Way to Reach You when trap is available?
What type of Trap would you like to reserve?
How many Humane Traps will you need?
What do you plan to do with the cat after you trap it?
When do you need the trap?
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