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Dog Adoptions

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued pet!  To get the adoption process started, please complete the form below. If you would prefer to download, scan and then email the form, you can get the PDF version and then email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dog Adoption Request

Pet name:
For faster processing, provide the foster's email from the PetFinder or Adopt-a-Pet biography.
Foster's email:

Applicant's Information

Primary phone:*
Mobile phone:

Home address:*
Years at this address:*
Home type:

Rental Information

Pet restrictions:
Weight restrictions:
Breed restrictions:
Is deposit paid:
Landlord's phone:

Household Details

Are you over 18 years old:
Do you live with your parents or other relatives:
Are you active military:
No. of children:
Dog is for:
Is everyone in the household in favor of adopting a dog:
Please explain:
Is anyone allergic to animals:
What type of dog do you want:
Potty trained:
Obedience trained:
Adult size:
Why do you want a dog:
Do you have pets living with you:
Are your pets spayed/neutered:
Are all pets' vaccinations up-to-date:
No. of dogs:
Dogs' ages:
All dogs on heartworm prevention:
What brand of prevention:
No. of cats:
Cats' ages:
Do you object to spaying and neutering pets:

Under what circumstances would you consider returning a dog:
What pets have you had that no longer live with you:
Where are these pets now:

Have you ever taken a pet to a shelter:
How many times:
Why did you take pet(s) to the shelter:

Plan for New Dog

You understand dogs will have an adjustment period in their new home:
(changing a dog’s environment can cause them to have accidents in the home)
Where will this dog stay:
% inside:
% outside:
When no fenced yard is available, are you able and willing to walk your dog on a leash three or more times daily:
Typically, for how many hours will the dog be left unattended:
Where will the dog stay while unattended:
What will you do with your pet when you go on vacation:
If you became ill, is there someone who would assist with petcare:
Estimated costs for annual preventive care:
May we visit to see how your new dog is doing:
Puppy Care
A puppy is a delight, but raising them requires a LOT of work! If you are committing to adopting a puppy, please complete this section.
Have you ever raised a dog from a puppy:
Do all the adults in the house work full-time:
How will the puppy go to the potty while everyone is away:
(puppies can only “hold it" for as many hours as they are months old. For example, a three month old can hold it for three hours)
Do you agree to do the following:
Puppy proofing your home:
(secure wires, lock up hazardous materials and chemicals, etc.)
Potty training:
(it may take several months for a puppy to be fully potty trained)
Leash training:
Will you crate train:
Do you understand teething puppies chew all sorts of things:
(puppies teeth for several months as they lose their baby teeth and adult teeth come in)

Veterinary Care

Vet's name:
Vet city/state:
Vet phone:

Personal Reference

Reference name:*
Reference phone:*

Reference address:

Submit Request

How did you hear about Planned PEThood:

I attest the above information is accurate:*
Enter text:
Please Note: We will not be held responsible for any adult, minor child, and/or their property during the viewing process. In submitting this form, you attest that you agree to release Planned PEThood of Georgia, Inc. and its representatives from all liability for any injury or damage that may be caused by the dog to any person or property in your party while in the adoption area.


Pet transport, toys, towels, cat food, treats, etc.

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